Arab Patrol Unit
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Arab Patrol Unit

Background:  Arab Patrol was originally organized over a century ago by the Potentate in 1890's.  Its original purpose was the creation of a marching "unit" to interface with the public and participate in parades.  A long standing tradition has generated pride and camaraderie among our membership.

Today, the Nobles and their Ladies have transformed the Patrol into a multifaceted unit.  While marching remains one of our cornerstones; philanthropic activities, fundraising and socialization have driven our organization to new heights.   

We gather several times each month to plan, work and have fun, assisting in carrying out the missions of Tangier Shrine Center.  Whether is it using our culinary skills, operating fundraising events, cooking at the Wednesday hamburger night, or attending movie & coffee nights, plays, stags, special field trips, or marching, the Nobles and Ladies of the Patrol are laughing and having a great time.  The friendships that we garner are precious and only a small part of the enormous philanthropy.


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