Legion of Honor : Legion of Honor

7:00 pm ..........  1st Tuesday  ...........  Tangier – Lower Level 


Objectives of the Legion of Honor

To perpetuate the memory of those who died in the service of our country;

To foster a spirit of patriotism and love for our country and our flag;

To serve the interests of Tangier Shriners;

To perform such duties as the Potentate may, from time to time, designate;

To cultivate a spirit of comradeship among our members.


    Legion of Honor Executive Committee

Commander John G. Chester 402-592-1571

1st Lt Commander Dale W. Nelson 402-778-1229

Adjutant John D. Dickey 402-881-2239

Finance Officer Leroy C. (Dan) Daniels 402-292-6274


Link to the International Association of Legions of Honor  




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