Mo-Ri Introduction : Who is the Mo-Ri Shrine Club

Welcome to the home page of the Mo-Ri (Missouri River) Shrine Club

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Founded 1973 on the principals of advancing the welfare and creating a close bond of fellowship and sociability among the nobility!

Meets the third Thursday of the month except when dark in June and July!

Commonly referred to as a Supper Club because our Ladies are a major contributor to the Club’s identity

Annually supports a Shrine Bowl Player and a Band Participant!

Actively engaged in supporting the Tangier Shrine Center and Divan!

 Selling of Circus Ads by numerous members!

 Sharing the annual Palm Sunday Pancake Feed and the Gateways to the West breakfast with Blair’s Washington Blue Lodge as a major fundraiser!

Conduct Hospital Benefit Days collection in Blair NE each spring!

Annual Fall Football Fundraiser!

Supports the Washington and Burt County Food Banks once each year!!


Mo-Ri Club 2016



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