Change your sink faucet in six steps

Certainly, some tasks must be carried out by professionals in the field in order for the result to be satisfactory enough. But for safety reasons, every homeowner should be aware of some tips to amicably deal with some of the tasks that come as a surprise. When it comes to changing the sink faucet, come and get trained to succeed like a professional.

Precaution and examination of piping

If you want to act safely after your plumber due to emergency or due to lack of money to cover the working hours, you must necessarily start here. When you look at these guys worked and succeeded in their work, it is because they always take the time to take through these first two steps. As far as precautions are concerned, try to find in advance and have at hand the tap that wants to be used again and all the little accessories that may be useful. Only then can you examine the piping by loosening the drain hose and check the condition of the sealing washers.

Turning off the water and removing the tap

Always remaining in the spirit of ensuring good safety during the work, it is more than important to turn off the water circuit. Here it is sufficient to close the valve just below the sink. If this is not possible due to any situation, then try to cut off the general supply that covers the water circuit in the house. Now you have the full opportunity to remove the old tap from the sink while being mindful of the various arrangements that will be used to re-install the new one.

Installation and adjustment

Here we have the two steps that close the end of the job. In the first instance, you need to fit the new tap. This should be done with considerable delicacy so as not to burn out any steps in the assembly process. Then you have to calm down and check that everything is done properly, absolutely everything. This is what the readjustment phase is for. To get through this stage you can turn the water supply back on to get water in your kitchen.