Despite Other Odds Against Him, Israel Prime Minister’s Reelection will be Determined by the Judicial System

The administration of Prime Minister Netanyahu has been heavily praised for its response to the global pandemic that has plagued the international community. However, this astonishing feat will not be sufficient to get Prime Minister Netanyahu reelected. The reason for this is down to the lack of trust from the former coalition and more importantly the judicial sitting to determine his fate as a free man.

Seeking New Coalition from Old Foes

Asides from the well-appreciated response of the Prime Minister and his administration to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, there is more the top government administrator has to do to return as Prime Minister after the forthcoming elections.

For the record, many of the previous coalition that saw him elected in the first place has come down heavy on him. Reports suggest that a good number of political aides have lost truth in his ability to steer the course of the nation properly.

As a result, Prime Minister Netanyahu has resorted to taking a new route in staying as the number one government administrator in the nation. He is laying the pipe works by forming alliances with unusual sources such as the marginalized Arab community in the region.

It is ironic to think that this is the same group of people Prime Minister Netanyahu has neglected in various ways in the past. For instance, rather than move surplus rollouts of vaccines to the Palestinian community in the region, he had spoken with the Danish Prime Minister and Austrian Chancellor about helping them in this regard. This is a decision that has been widely condemned by many quarters in the international community.

The Judicial Sitting to Determine Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Fate

Despite the unusual strategic move by Prime Minister Netanyahu, everything still hangs in the balance in light of his judicial trial for various counts of misconduct.

As stated by a political analyst, “the nation of Israel is unlike many other places in the world. There, the leaders are accountable and the concept of administrative immunity is very regulated. As a result, Netanyahu would not only be concerned about his reelection but his freedom if found guilty by the judicial system”.