How do I pay my visitax in Cancún?

Today, a state tax known as Visitax is imposed on all visitors or tourists who travel to the state of Cancún in Mexico. Do you want to go to Cancún for business or pleasure and want to know how to get your Visitax! Read this article to find out more.

What is the Visitax tax?

All over the world, there are various taxes to pay when you go to a foreign country, such as the Visitax, which is charged to all foreign visitors to Mexico City. Visitax Cancun is a tax to be paid for a holiday in this Mexican city. In fact, the visitax is a new tax implemented for all international travellers except those from Mexico City with an equivalent of 224 pesos or its equivalent in any currency that must be paid by travellers wishing to visit the wonders of Cancun.

How to pay the visitax?

The payment of the tax can be made at any time. It only takes five minutes to complete. All you need is your passport and a valid email address. You will then go to the VISITAX website where you will be asked for your passport number and other vital information and then make the payment. Payment can be made electronically on the website or in person at an airport unit. You will receive confirmation of your payment by email. You will need to keep the payment receipt and present it at the airport before your flight and in case of need. Note that if you are travelling with a family or accompanied, you will need the information of your partners to benefit from the individual vouchers. In this case, you make the payment in one go. On the other hand, this possibility is not effective if you travel by land to this city.