How to return a lost cat?

There are some embarrassing situations in which you can't find a solution. One example is when you find a cat you don't know anywhere. Have you ever found one in your house or property? Here's how to return a lost cat.

Catching the lost cat

This is the first step if you want to return the cat. You need to put it in a safe place so that it doesn't escape again. If you want to know more, pop over to this web-site. Be careful because some cats are easier to catch. If it is a house cat for example, you will catch it easily. But if it is a stray, it may not be easy. You can use dog food to attract it. Don't hesitate to use fish or meat. Now you have to approach it. This will also allow you to become familiar with the animal even if it is only there for a short time. 

Now you have to contain it. As soon as you succeed in catching the cat, it can still escape. That is why you should put it in a large container if possible. 

Identify the cat's owner

Some cat owners put tags on their pets. This makes it much easier to find them if they get lost. It is therefore best that you examine the cat to see if this is not the case. The name, contact details and location of the owner will be written on the tag. Sometimes you may not see anything. This is not serious. 

Scan the animal. Sometimes, instead of a tag, a microchip is embedded in the cat. Scanning is done in pet centres. If you cannot find any identification, file a lost cat report at an animal care centre. You can also contact a veterinarian or an animal protection centre. Finally, it is advisable to make lost cat posters.