Some habits that develop intelligence

Having a high intelligence quotient has always been a favorable asset for a more fulfilling life. Some behaviors favor its development more than others. So what can you do to be more intelligent? You will find the answer in the rest of this development.

Read more often

Reading is a very effective method to increase your brain power. You will know everything by going on the webpage. Indeed, reading allows you to enrich your vocabulary, but also to improve your vocal skills. You will also have a perfect written and spoken language.
For this, don't hesitate to dive into a book every time you have the opportunity. A good read before going to sleep can only benefit you. Similarly, you can read newspapers or articles that interest you while waiting for the bus or train or even during your lunch break, for example.

Stimulate the brain and eat a rich diet

To develop, the brain needs to be active. So you can turn to video games or board games such as Scrabble, chess for example. It has been proven that game fans have a highly developed analytical capacity. Moreover, the other method to stimulate your brain is calculus. Indeed, if you have a calculation to do, banish the calculator and use your brain. This will allow you to solve problems quickly. 
Finally, nutrition is an important aspect in the process of waking up the brain. Since it has to work a lot, it is important to strengthen it with rich foods. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to give it the necessary nutrients. At the same time, you should avoid meat, sugar and salt. 
In conclusion, to develop your IQ, you must read a lot. It is also important to exercise your brain and to focus on healthy and rich foods.