The best free applications to learn Japanese language

From now on, in order to learn Japanese language and know how to speak it better, you have at your disposal several free applications that you can use. So, what applications are we talking about? Here we will introduce you to the best free applications that you can use to learn the Japanese language.

The Duolingo application

Japanese is one of the seven most important languages for doing business in the world and is considered the language of new technologies. For more information, click this link here now. Therefore, it is important to learn it and to do so, you can use the best free applications for learning this language, available on your smartphone. For this purpose, you can, on the one hand, use the Duolingo application, a very easy to use application. In fact, all you have to do is download it to start learning. You don't need to create any account. The graphics used by this application are very childish and this is the main reason why it is much in demand. The Duolingo app is an app that provides very good grammar lessons.

The Memrise application

On the other hand, apart from the Duolingo application, you can also use the Memrise application, which is also a free application to learn the Japanese language. Indeed, the main objective of the Memrise application is to allow the learner or the student who is trying to learn the Japanese language, to speak the language fluently. That's why it indicates on its website that the Japanese courses it provides are all designed by Japanese experts. So, the biggest advantage of this application is that it uses the words of your own language that it places next to the Japanese sentences that it proposes to you, thus creating relationships through sound to facilitate your memorization. Sometimes she even uses pictures, memos and phrases in the translation to help you remember the course. In addition, you can use the Busuu and Rosetta Stone application for your learning. Finally, it should be noted that learning Japanese has become very easy with the use of these different applications.