What are the criteria for choosing a battery for your computer?

A computer is only called a laptop because of the battery it contains, which guarantees a good autonomy. In the event that the battery of your computer is destroyed, you must know how to go about finding a new one. This requires knowledge of the different characteristics of a battery.

Choose according to the reference

This criterion is essential as it helps you to know the origin of the manufacturing of your battery. laptop batterys hp have a specific reference number which is determined by a code number. No matter which store you go to, tell the seller the serial number located on the sticker. Thanks to this, he will be able to see which battery is suitable for your computer, because it is obvious that a Samsung battery will not work in an HP computer.

Check the battery voltage

All batteries have a given voltage, expressed in volts, which is similar to that of the computer in which it is to be used. If you mistakenly insert a battery with a higher voltage than that of your computer, you will certainly cause a power surge. Conversely, you will simply see a deterioration of the battery.

The voltage of a battery corresponds to the number of cells it contains. This allows us to determine the compatibility of the battery with the computer, because adapting the voltage of a battery to a computer does not mean choosing a battery with the same voltage as the computer.

What is the capacity of the battery?

This criterion is related to the power that the battery is able to provide for the operation of your computer and is expressed in watt-hours. A battery with an extremely high capacity can be expensive. On the market you can get batteries that even if the computer is running at high speed still allow to reach the required autonomy.