What are the different types of electronic cigarettes?

Still called e-cig, the electronic cigarette excites in several forms. If you have to choose one for your moments of pleasure, it will be necessary first to discover their characteristics and the advantages they offer. Find out in this article some different types of electronic cigarettes.

Type1: electronic cigarettes Pod

The Pod electronic cigarette is a vaper that corresponds to the beginner. This type of vapoter does not have a clearomizer, but it has a Pod. A Pod is a tank designed to store a resistance. Note that there are disposable and non-disposable pods. If you want to know more about these accessories, visit https://www.erowz.fi which sells products of the same kind. With the electronic cigarette Pod, you have the impression of smoking a classic cigarette, but without toxic substances.

Type 2: Box electronic cigarettes

The Box electronic cigarette can be purchased as a whole or separately. Unlike the Pod electronic cigarette, which is designed for beginners, the box is designed for chronic smokers who are looking for multiple vapes. The box vapoter, proceeds a battery of 18 650 to 21 700 batteries. Often the electronic cigarettes type box that have batteries are very powerful. Because of this power, they can only be used by regulars of nicotine.

Type 3: Tube electronic cigarettes

The tube shaped electronic cigarette is the very first e-cig that was given the tube shape. This vapoter is very simple to use because of the way it was designed. This e-cig is made for beginners, but old timers can also use it. It has some advanced settings that can only be useful for average vapers. Besides, surveys have shown that this electronic cigarette is the most preferred among new vapers. Because it is easy to use, practical and has a very nice design. In addition, it has a battery that contains a clearomizer. From all of the above, the electronic cigarette is a healthier and more economical alternative to smoking. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or a regular user, you will always find pleasure with these electronic cigarettes.