Why have a pet ?

Some people often ask if there are any advantages to adopting a pet. Well, we answer them in the affirmative! There are indeed many advantages to having a pet! Are you wondering what they are? You'll find out as you read on, because that's precisely what we've planned to share with you in this article.

For companionship

Pets are well known for the companionship they foster with their owners and children. You don't feel lonely when you have a pet by your side. Usually we think that it keeps a knockout post when it could be keeping you company when no one is around and when you are going through some hardship. 

Meet new people

Walking with your dog from time to time, for example, allows you to meet new people; so do pet events. And whether with children or adults, these encounters are always enjoyable when everyone is accompanied by their pet.

An advantage for children

Pets have many advantages for children. Children who find it difficult to express themselves in front of a person can do so easily with their pet dog or cat. They find that they are real companions for them and that they have nothing to fear from talking to them. They also have less risk of allergies such as eczema or asthma. They ensure a good psychological development. They develop self-confidence and feel safe in their company.

Having a pet means being healthy

Yes, with your pet by your side you have less risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. The feeling of well-being you get from petting your dog or cat lowers your adrenaline level, slows your breathing and lowers your heart rate. Regular walks give you the opportunity to exercise, which reduces your risk of obesity.

Having a pet is very beneficial for children, adults and even the elderly!